What are the advantages of a landscape painter designer as PaysageMania?

The respect for the code of ethics of our profession guarantees you that our creations are sustainable and respectful of their human, social and natural environment.
Our independence towards the companies of realization is an advantage for the respect for deadlines, costs and quality. It is for you the guarantee that we defend your interests above all.
Due to the profile of our collaborators our intervention is at the same time creative and technical.


What budget is it necessary to envisage with PaysageMania?

Our philosophy it is to put within the reach of the largest number the services of a landscape painter designer.
The invoicing is mainly a function of the time spent. It thus depends on the complexity or on the importance of the project. That is why to have a more precise idea of it the best way is to contact us. Every our estimate are free.
Our services conceived "à la carte" leave you any freedom. They allow you to modulate your budget and your schedule. You maintain control over your budget and over your schedule.
For all the projects, our depictions in every phase are coherent to allow sequencing in time.
We offer to the private individuals of the easy terms of payment it several times.


Our signature it is the alliance of the aesthetic creativity and the technical rigor

Our collaborators adhere all to the code of best practice of the profession and PaysageMania is affiliated to the French Federation of the Landscape.
Our opening on the international markets brings us a cultural and technical enrichment which comes to feed our services.
On the other hand, we think that after project is also important as the project itself.
Our service has to bring you good satisfaction beyond the completion of the works.
We work on the alive, the result of our design will grow up, will develop, will have to face new constraints and thus naturally our relation joins over time. That is why we integrate from the design the notion " of after-sales service " for example by proposing you a notebook of maintenance for your new spaces (cutting plants and management of diseases).
Throughout our collaboration, we are by your side to choose companies and estimate either still for communities to help you to prepare and to participate in the public meetings.