The landscape our job

A report which arouses questioning in terms of landscape, we are at present confronted with phenomena of urban sprawls. The eroding of countryside by cities becomes intensified. It raises in particular the fundamental questions of durability and ecology (increasing waterproofed surfaces, problems of streaming, flood, soil pollution and streams, break or thinning down of the ecological corridors), but also, those of uses and identity (degradation of the face of our cities and our villages, disorganization of the urban skeleton, the change of the legibility of city entries, the conflicts of uses between countrymen and city-dwellers).

Our ambition
In this context, landscape painters, town planners and architects work to reconstruct the city on the city ". It is possible by the fine study of urban map and some "green" plans and so in various scales: private gardens, vegetated alleys, fallow lands, green ways, standing avenues, parks, shared gardens, outer-urban agricultural spaces, intensive agricultural spaces and natural spaces...
Rich in this information, the planners are capable of directing the evolution of the urban and rural spaces. It passes by the design of private gardens, green spaces, public places structuring, by the urban renovation, by the requalification of natural spaces.

The landscape your property
You are an actor of the organic chain. PaysageMania attaches an importance equal to the private gardens and to the big public places. Our global approach of the landscape, allows us to bring coherent answers, whatever is the scale of the studied site, without ever losing sight of needs, of the expectations of our interlocutors, of the esthetic codes and the practices dimension. 

The living environment - private and public - appears as the core of well-being of the habitants of our planet. Cities and villages have to establish the social link. In all the scales, the question of the landscape is essential.