Landscape studies


To design singular landscapes and to surpass the esthetic purpose of landscaping it is essential to adapt itself to the context of every site and to magnify the studied spaces.
We attach importance to " the Current situation” which allows to draw up the ID card of the site.
The geography, the hydrography, the pedology, the study of the history and the infrastructures, the local economy, the social dynamics are so many data which allow to get acquainted with the site and to emit relevant, sensible and realistic directives.
The diagnosis, the evaluation of elements in position, allows to establish the guideline of our projects by highlighting the key points of every place and on the contrary its weaknesses and its lacks.

We intervene in particular for:
- Plan the arrangement of your territory by canvassing and by diagnosing the natural dynamics and the local and territorial human activities.
- Direct your documents of town planning ...
- Giving answers for the natural plans of risk preventions, flood...

Studies of design

Landscape painters, town planners and architects are reconstructing the city on the city ". They use the fine study of the urban plans in various scales: private gardens, vegetated alleys, fallow lands, green ways, standing avenues, parks, shared gardens, outer-urban agricultural spaces, intensive agricultural spaces and natural spaces...
Rich with this information, the planners are capable of directing the evolution of the urban and rural spaces.
The design of private gardens, green spaces, public places structuring, the urban renovation,  the requalification of natural spaces contribute of the Sustainable development.
Because the engineering of the landscape does not have to forget the creative and sensitive substances, we value our technical solutions by our designers' intuitions of spaces.
The well-being ofthe populations and the living environment are also important as the practicality and the durability of the landscape.

Study of project management

- Creation or renovation of public places (parks, networks of low traffic, structuring urban axes)
- Arrangement(development) or restoration(catering) of sensitive(perceptible) sites (wet zones, natural spaces protégés, flood-risk areas)
- Creation of an urban development zone, design of public places, traffic lanes, arrangement of the green spaces.

 - Renovation and rehabilitation of fallow lands or degraded sites (quarries, ruins)
- Arrangement of management and valuation of the water (ponds of retention, vegetated gaps, overflows)
- Arrangement and landscaped integration of public and private equipment (school complexes, cemeteries)
- Arrangement and landscaped integration of road and railroad infrastructures.




- Assistance in project

- Assistance with project management in pre-operational study and site.

- Awareness thematic landscape