The design or renovation of your outside space

We finalize a formula which allows our customers to maintain control over their budget and over their schedule.

The first phase begins with a meeting which allows to fix the main lines of the project. At this step, it is essential to clearly understand constraints and needs for our customers. 
Then we determine the organization of spaces, the excavations, the materials, the plants. 
The study highlights the positive and negative points of the existing. This produces a general plan of installations and a number of graphic sketches. Digital pictures, view in different modes ( perspective axonometric  and so on). 
We produce the plants pallet and the reference pictures. He allows to understand the set of textures, covers and plants, the atmospheres of the future space.
Our customers can choose to stop in the phase of sketch which allows them only to have a concept of arrangement.

A second phase, an executive phase, begins after validation of the previous phase.
We produce the technical documents allowing the realization of the project. 
The space is translated into quoted plans containing the technical details. 
The plans of plantations allow the well-to-do realization of the massifs. 
Finally, we supply the quantitative and qualitative details of materials and plants allowing the site construction.

The support and the follow-up of works


We are by your side in the design phase, during and beyond the realization phase of your project.

We assist you during the consultation, the comparison of the estimates and the choice of companies.

During the phase of the works, we shall be your representative with companies to guarantee the

respect for the quality, the costs and the deadlines.

If you choose to make yourselves the works, we bring you technical advices.


The advice


The advice allows to answer a precise need which is generally characterized by a problem:
need for more intimacy, denaturation of the space further to its division for saling or further to the enlargement of the housing environment... On the other hand, our customers sometimes have technical concerns of technical order: lack of waterproofness, recurring episodes of floods or problems due to a bad exposure... Our proposals will find the solutions, while satisfying in every aspect our customers.
In this phase, we translate into images the possible scenarios and we deliver a part of advices.