We are an agency of landscape design , a consulting firm based in Pontault Combault Seine et Marne, offering its services to both private and corporate customers throughout France and abroad .

First created by father and daughter, all our employees , landscape designers are graduated from Higher Schools of French and European government and adhere to the values ​​of PaysageMania :

Be passionate and determined, creative and open-minded, humble, funny and can surprise the customer with the quality of service.

Internally the dissociation between commercial and design tasks contributes to our efficiency and responsiveness.


We surround ourselves with partners. Painters, graphic designers, interior designers, urban planners, sociologists, ecologists ... They form a strong multidisciplinary basis to meet specific requests.

The philosophy of our agency strives to nurture relations professionals to ensure expertise in our responses.

Sophie Deloges  Landscape engineer

Head of creation and the technical office

Graduated from  Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage

Very young passionate by nature and travel, after his bachelor of science it naturally Sophie turned to studies that allow it to bind its passions (drawing and photography), to acquire a solid technical background and sensory, to develop her own tools and to open her eyes to other cultures through the many internship experiences.

She joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage . She assimilates throughout his five years of study a working method that allows it today to understand different scales of projects from individuals and local communities.

She brings to the landscape design all her technical expertise and her feminine sensibility.

Graduated from ENSNP with honors , she created the agency PaysageMania with his father.

Bertrand Deloges Executive Director

After thirty years of professional experience in the airlines environment  at the beginning of his fifties, he saw an opportunity to give his career a new direction by creating the agency PaysageMania with her daughter, a young graduate landscape engineer.

Throughout his career he acquired important experience in assisting project management, in project management and marketing.

He travels around the world for nearly 30 years, always passionate by nature discovery and sharing with people.

He received the award for creativity in 2013 in Seine et Marne for PaysageMania project.